Santina Semadar Panetta

Renowned Canadian artist Semadar has captivated audiences worldwide with her unparalleled artistic vision and groundbreaking contribution to the art world with the creation of the Neo-Pointillism.

Her masterpieces have garnered accolades from renowned critics and art historians. With a profound impact that transcends borders, Semadar is a true visionary in the art world.


Elevate your understanding of the art world and embark on a journey of artistic mastery with Santina Semadar Panetta. From classical art compositions to modern art movements and symbolism, delve into the rich heritage of artistic expression. Gain insights into the techniques, philosophies, and symbolism behind each composition. Explore colours, forms, and storytelling's transformative power as you unlock new knowledge to create art that stands the test of time.

Masterclass overview

  • THE INTRODUCTION • Unveiling the Path to Artistic Excellence

  • CLASSICAL ART • Unlocking the Language of Classical Art Compositions

  • MODERN ART PART I • Evolution of Art Movements

  • MODERN ART PART II • Unveiling the Essence of Modern Art and its Transformative Phases

  • MODERN ART PART III • Exploring Cubism, Expressionism, and Conceptual Art

  • SYMBOLISM • Unveiling Symbolism in Art

  • NEO-POITILLISM • Santina Semadar Panetta's Revolutionary Artistic Style

  • BONUS • The Artistic Journey, Studying Knowledge and Perseverance

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